ARES Soiling Measurement Station


ARES measures the effects of soiling loss on PV systems to give the site operator real time measurement data and intelligent recommendations to optimize array performance. Our system is constantly monitoring the site in order to recommend the most cost effective time to wash your solar array. This improves ROI and LCOE. 


How Soiling is Measured

The ARES Soiling Measurement device accurately measures the instantaneous and daily soiling loss by comparing the irradiance difference between two identical large-area reference cells. One cell is washed daily, while the other is left to soil naturally. The ARES Wash Extension hardware automatically cleans one reference cell on a daily basis, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

Easy to Install - No External Inputs

ARES is extremely easy to install next to a new or existing photo-voltaic array. It uses the mounting holes on an existing PV rail or rack mount system. Worried about running conduit, DC power, and wiring for an RS-232 communications device? Don’t be! ARES is self powered from the sun and will output data securely to the cloud via a 3G mobile network. As soon as it's turned on ARES will begin communicating to your personalized web portal. 


15 Second ARES Installation

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