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We can optimize the operational efficiency of your solar array with Fracsun's patented ARES device. 

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Direct Soiling Measurement

At Fracsun, we specialize in measuring direct soiling affects on solar plants. We've developed a device we call ARES that will report how much the dirt accumulation on your solar array is affecting energy production. We've also implemented machine learning into ARES that will predict when you need to wash your plant in order to minimize cost.

Wash with Confidence

With a direct soiling measurement and our special algorithms that factor in the array data, you can wash with the utmost confidence. Get notifications and schedule cleanings of your array when it's financially responsible. 


Maximize ROI

Wash with real data. Cleaning is often incorporated without true knowledge of the current effect of soiling loss at the time of scheduled cleaning. Cleaning too often or not often enough will both impact ROI (and LCOE) negatively.


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