PID, RISO, and how soiling effects solar panel efficiency

When an entire solar panel is covered in a layer of dirt, Potential Induced Degradation (PID) can have drastic effects on the total efficiency of your PV array. RISO, which is an abbreviation for an inverter safety test that is performed each day at startup, can delay the turn-on of a photo-voltaic system and reduce power output if the RISO test fails. Read more about how soiling, PID, and RISO are related to each other

Soiling Losses for Solar Photovoltaic Systems in California

This is a study carried out by Felipe A Mejia and Jan Kleissl from UCSD. They perform a thorough analysis on the effects of soiling on photovoltaic systems. More work from Mejia and Kleissl can be found here: You can download the full pdf here: Mejia and Kleiss – Soiling Center for Renewable Resources and Integration, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace 5 Engineering, University of California, San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093, USA Abstract

Solar Panel Efficiency

Maximizing solar panel efficiency is our objective. Here is an explanation of why it’s important to know the optimal time to wash your panels.   Our soil monitoring device, ARES, is currently predicting optimal wash frequencies on a number of arrays across the globe. Fill out the form to get a quote, or, Email us to discuss the ARES device.   test test with paragraph

Solar Panel Efficiency & Optimum Wash Period

One of the most important variables to maximizing your solar panel efficiency is the “Optimal Wash Period”. The Optimal Wash Period is the holy grail for array owners. Although, until the invention of ARES, was impossible to ascertain. The Optimal Wash Period is the exact point in time in which washing your array will minimize overall cost (including opportunity cost) and maximize ROI. Simply stated, if you wash your array too often you’re likely spending

Solar Panel Efficiency Hurt From Soiling

To maximize your solar panel efficiency, you need to consider the soiling rate. Soiling of solar arrays can dramatically impact performance. In our tests, we’ve witnessed up to 85% production loss due solely to dirt accumulation on solar arrays. This is a major and often overlooked problem in the solar industry. Our ARES device will continuously monitor the soiling rate of your PV array and will predict when you should next wash your array. It